About Us


Photo taken by Ingrid’s Photography

I am the President and Worker Bee for this wonderful company. I have always had a passion for creating things and working for a good cause. This company is the combination of those ideas. We strongly believe that what we do today effects our Children and the Earth of tomorrow. So Our Children’s Earth, LLC was born

As a company we focus on finding the best deals and ways to be nice to our Earth as we create or find things to sell. We then pass the savings and knowledge on to our wonderful customers. We are also learning and growing with the company in hopes of making the world a better place while we all look smashing in the process.

We LOVE working with local artisans to showcase the best Utah has to offer at our shows and home parties.

We also pride our selves on giving back to the community. We have donated items and money to local schools, fundraisers and nonprofits.

Thanks for supporting us!

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