Becoming A Consultant

Our Children’s Earth Consultant

Reasons to Sell Our Children’s Earth:

  1. You can be proud of the company you work for and make a difference in the world.
  2. Earn a great commission from all the items you sell at parties or on our web site.
  3. Have fun meeting new people and networking.
  4. Create your own flexible hours.  Work full time, part time or a few hours a month. 
  5. Talk to your tax consultant about taking advantage of home business tax deductions.
  6. This is a brand new market so we need more consultants.  You will not be competing with 100 other people in your area to make sells.
  7. There is not a required amount to sell every month to stay a consultant.

 The benefits of being a Consultant:


  1. Great earning potential.

*You get 10% of all the sales that you make at Parties.


*You will also earn 5% of the sales that you make at Fundraisers, on the Web Site, or Facebook, if they mention your name when ordering.


*You keep all the money that you earn at your parties.  So if you got it for 10% to 25% off then you still keep the full price. What a deal!

Extra Bonuses:


  1. For every party that you sell at least $150 at you will earn 25% off three items.


  2. When the party that you are selling at reaches $500 then you get a $25 bonus.
  • When the party that you are selling at books five parties, that are kept, then you get a $25 bonus.

 ***Let’s break it down in what you can earn***

 Have one party that makes $500 and books five parties.


  1. You earn 10% of all sales at parties so you will earn $50.
  2. You earn a $25 dollar bonus for reaching $500.
  3. You earn a $25 dollar bonus for booking five parties. 

That is $100 for a few hours of work.  Where else are you going to earn that kind of money, make the world a better place and have fun?

 Wait, don’t forget, that is not all you earn!  You will also get to keep all the money you earn at the party.  So if you sell the items you got for 10% to 25% off you get to keep the extra money!   If you bought a $10 item for $7.50 you get to keep the extra $2.50.

Start up….please tell me where and how to sign up:

               1.   We make it easy for every budget.

 *You can purchase as much as you want to create the displays you want with your favorite items.                           

              2.   We make it easy to get your first items to sell and start your shows.

 *When you sign up you get five items at 25%.

*As a consultant that makes at least $1000 a month in sales you will get 10% off every item that you buy (you may only use the 25% or the 10% off, they do not combine).

            3.   We help keep you stocked for future shows.

*After your first show you will receive an additional $10 gift certificate to help replenish your items for your next show.

*For every show that you sell at least $150 at you will earn 25% off three more items.

              4.    We support you to look professional and be successful.

 *Once you sign up, you will get your first 33 invitations for free.

*You can purchase additional invitations for only $35, for a pack of 100.

*You can purchase business cards for only $30, for a pack of 250.

*All invitations and business cards are made on 100% recycled paper.

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