• Blog Nominations
    I was nominated for the Best Blog award by Marelibu Design ( Thank you very much for the nomination. The questions I got asked are: 1. How did you start sewing? I started to sew when I was little with my Mom and Grandmother. I also took a sewing class in Jr High. 2. Which […]
  • Halloween Tombstones the Recycled Way.
    For Halloween this year we wanted to make some tombstones for the front yard… I put the hubby on the job.  He is a brilliant man and he came up with the best idea for it.  Here is a picture of his final product: This is how he did it: He works in the construction […]
  • Eco Friendly Jewelry Displays
    I love the shabby chic look and recycling so imagine the happy dance I did to create these awesome displays! You want to make some for yourself?  Here is how to do it: Supplies needed: A vintage suitcase or briefcase A pair of scissors, glue gun, glue sticks, vintage looking lace, and vintage buttons. First […]
  • Fun at the Balloon Festival
    We had such a fun time at the Balloon Festival at Nordic Valley. What a beautiful way to spend the weekend. Every morning they did a balloon launch: Saturday night they had a stunning balloon flow: All day long they had wonderful music playing: Here are some of the amazing items in our booth and […]
  • Pass It On / Pay It Forward and Make the World a Better Place
    I was trying to figure out what to write about this week.  I started to think of highlights of the week and remembered this great night my daughter and I created with each other. We decided to pass out tacos around town telling people to have a great night and pass it on or pay […]