• Wild Women Symposium May 2015
    I have come to love the Wild Women Symposium events.  I was just atThe Wild Women Symposium in May and had a wonderful time.  Here is what they have to say about the event: It is brought to you by Suzanne Wagner’s Wild Women Series, which is designed for women looking to connect, explore and […]
  • Awaken Your Heart Event
    Awaken Your Hearts Event DISCOVER ~ EMBRACE ~ EMPOWER A Joyful Heart and Lifestyle Through a Community Sharing Healthy ~ Wholesome ~ Healing Alternative Options This was our second time doing an Awaken Your Heart Event.  We had a great time yesterday. Here are some pictures of our booth: We also got to hang out with […
  • Recycled Decor at Carlos and Harleys
    The family and I went to an awesome restaurant today.  It is called Carlos and Harleys in Eden, Utah. We had such a great time. They had a bunch of vegetarian options, and they tasted amazing!!  The real reason I am telling you about this is that the restaurant was full of cool recycled decor. […]
  • Ogden Area Influencers Summit
    I decided to go to the Ogden Area Influencers Summit last Friday.  I have not been to an event like this before.  It was a chance for businesses to connect with bloggers and Instagramers.  I went as a business and had a wonderful time.  I enjoyed the talks by local business and community leaders: Here […]
  • Eco Friendly Cupcake Transportation
    I have been wondering how I was going to transport hundrends of cupcakes, cookies and chocolates for my daughter’s birthday party.  I didn’t want everything to get squashed before it made it to the party.  Then today I was at Costco and saw these: PERFECTION!!! They are tall enough to fit a cupcake and not […]