• Fun at the Balloon Festival
  • Pass It On / Pay It Forward and Make the World a Better Place
    I was trying to figure out what to write about this week.  I started to think of highlights of the week and remembered this great night my daughter and I created with each other. We decided to pass out tacos around town telling people to have a great night and pass it on or pay […]
  • Northern Utah Fashion Expo
    We were so happy to be part of and help plan the Northern Utah Fashion Expo.  This Expo was a great way to highlight clothes and jewelry made by local Utah people.  Carrie and I, who planned it, love giving back to the community as well as supporting local fashion.   For this event we helped […]
  • T-shirt Skirt Tutorial
    I love the comfy feel of a t-shirt skirt. They are soft, comfy and easy to move around in.  I love, love, love finding t-shirts with great art, sayings and pictures on them.   Here is a quick tutorial on how to make one. Supplies: *Two or more t-shirts depending on the style you want *serger […]
  • Recycling in Ogden
    I love living in Ogden.  One of the great things about it is the cool recycling program they have.  You can take your green waste to this site and get awesome things for your yard while their like pebbles, compost and more. Not only can you get these great things but they are dirt cheap!   […]