Common Sense Warnings:

Common Sense Warnings:
~Never give young children anything with small or sharp parts (especially three and under) this could cause choking and a bunch of other awful things.

~Never put magnets in your mouth (or really any body part for that matter)
as they could become stuck together and again cause choking and other
terrible things that nobody really wants to have happen to them.

~Any base metal (or any metal not labeled pure gold or sterling silver) may contain lead or nickel and is not intended for children (anyone under 14 years old). If you have questions about a specific item please convo me before purchase as refunds will not be given due to this.

~Washing instructions: handwash all clothing items or reusable sandwich bags, spot clean Sweater Buddy’s, never wear jewelry or paper products in water. If you need more detail please convo me or look on

Thanks for looking!

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