Large Recycled Crayons for $3.00

Large Recycled Crayon for $3.00

These are  large and thick Recycled Crayons.  You can pick one of the following for $3.00: the symbol and word Tranquility or Love or Lavender or Moons and Stars. Please put the notes to seller when paying which crayon you would like. Yours will come in a variety of colors like the ones shown above but colors will vary depending on what crayons we have in stock to be recycled.

Recycled Crayons shaped like a Lavender Plant and the word Lavender on it

Large Recycled Asian Crayons are great adults or children to color with.

Recycled Moon and Stars Crayons are great for upcoming holiday gifts.

Please contact me if you would like to order more then one or different sizes. I have many shapes like, flowers, seashells, princess, cars etc…